Is it really all in the stars?


For some, the key to spiritual fulfillment lies in the astrological calendar. Understanding that not everything in our life is within our realm of control is not only a great way to cope with the rigors of life, but it gives us a higher sense of purpose. Many would argue that astrology is an antiquated art and that stars are in different positions than they were when astrology was invented, but this does not mean that the stars don’t have things to offer.

Consider for a minute the idea of Mercury being in retrograde. Without getting too technical, this is the time of a breakdown in communication, whether it be through technology or interpersonal relationships. Is it possible that the alignment of Mercury has something to do with this, possibly, but there is more to the picture.

Much more.

Understanding the stars

By harnessing the idea that there are things in this world greater than us, we are able to develop ways to better our own lives. Going back to Mercury retrograde, it is not important whether or not you believe that the stars are directly affecting your life personally, but rather using them as a way to better the world around you.

Taking care to communicate with people more thoroughly during this time, and throughout the rest of your life will lead to spiritual enrichment and a stronger bond with others. In some ways, the stars do affect how we live, and they can be used in a way that is both practical and spiritually satisfying.

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