Finding a good physical therapist


In today’s day and age, it is almost impossible to find a good physical therapist. As someone with chronic pain, I understand that there is only so much that exercise and meditation can do. Some pain requires the work of a professional, doctors that can deal with deep-seeded pain in a professional and effective manner. In some ways, finding a good physical therapist is much like finding a good mechanic. Price is important, but what is more important is the work that gets done.

As someone that is active, pain is not an option. Having suffered a climbing-related injury as a teenager, I spent a great deal of time trying to find lower back pain therapy as an adult. Because I have been dealing with acute pain for most of my life, I became very focused on finding a cheap, effective way to deal with a wide variety of ailments.

 What to look for

When searching for a physical therapist, it is important to find one that specializes not only on your pain areas, but has treatments that treat your pain effectively. Let’s be honest, pain is different for everyone, making it different to find a one-stop-shop for physical therapy. Take for example, seeking shoulder pain specialists.

Given the above example, it is important to find a specialist that not only understands shoulder pain, but also knows how to manage different types of shoulder pain. It is important to find someone that has had a lot of experience in managing pain and working toward a solution to the problem rather than simply masking pain. A good physical therapist can work wonders on painful areas, promoting healing in addition to dealing with pain.


There is no catch-all when it comes to finding the right physical therapist, but there are things to look for. Perhaps the most important thing to look for is specialists that focus on one area, or a collective of therapists, each specializing in specific areas of pain management. No pain is the same, and no person is the same, making it essential to search deep for the right physical therapist to fit your needs.



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