Relieving the stress


As someone that is pretty centered, I found myself in quite the stressful dilemma, just like many people do in the situation that I was in. I was asked by a friend to help move not only him, but his sister, from two different locations in the same day. The day started at the crack of dawn and did not end until the sun was setting. I was actually surprised to find that I was more stressed than I had ever been in my life.

This would not do. Luckily, I have a friend, a worker for a local moving company ( and asked him how he dealt with the rigors of moving not only on occasion, but every single day! What he had to offer was incredibly useful and allowed me to extend this form of stress relief to the rest of my life.

The secret to highly stressful situations

I’ve always been a fan of yoga and meditation. They serve as a way to remove you from the physical world and simply exist in sort of a peaceful void. The way in which this is done is by eliminating (as best you can) sensory input from the outside world and focus on something else. Of course, I do this in my home, which is usually free of outside distractions for the most part.

He told me that he was able to meditate while working, removing his physical self from the world, but still maintain the ability to pay attention and do his job. I was blown away by this! How can someone live in the real world while taking themselves out of it. What he did was teach me a meditation technique that focused on the world, but not as an environment of stress, but one of inner peace.


Meditation can come in a variety of ways, whether it be yoga, traditional meditation, or even by taking your mind off of the things that stress you out. Even when moving an entire household, it is possible to stay within the physical realm, while also viewing it through a slightly different lens.

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