Religion versus spirituality


For many people, the difference between religion and spirituality is quite small, but for others, there is quite a large distinction between the two. In general, religion refers to a specific set of doctrines, often accompanied by a religious text, while spirituality simply refers to a connection with the world that cannot be seen. Whether that means believing in ghosts or not, those that are spiritual believe in a force greater than that of humanity.

In many ways, being religious means being spiritual, but being spiritual does not necessarily make one religious Believing in one or many gods means believing in something greater than ourselves, but many spiritual individuals simply believe in this force and not an all powerful being.

There is no wrong answer

Being human means trying to explain the world around us, and many do so through religion or spirituality. No matter what a person chooses to believe, it is all a vehicle with which to quantify our existence on this big, floating rock. In addition to religion and spirituality leading to more fulfilling lives, studies have shown the physical benefits to self reflection and meditation.

What is beautiful about religion and spirituality is the ability to think beyond oneself and invite the possibility that there are forces beyond our understanding. Whether you are religious or spiritual, remember that both of these aspects of living should persuade one to be a better person. There may or may not be a governing force in the sky, but what is important is treating others with compassion and understanding.

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