The ongoing struggle


For some it is a struggle, for others it is a way of living. How do we separate ourselves from humanity? Where do we draw the divide? If we give up our individuality for the sake of being part of a bigger thing, why are we ourselves? These are questions that all come with being a human, and what we need to learn is that everybody asks themselves these same questions. Some might call it the human condition.

What I have learned through my years of yoga and meditation is that we are not our physical vessel, but rather our mind. It is estimated that our body regenerates every seven or so years. This means that you are made up of different cells and you are essentially biologically speaking, not the same person.

Strange to think

That we are never the same person, literally, from time to time. There is an old adage about a boat. Someone gets a boat from their father and over the years replaces the deck, hull, motor, eventually everything that made the boat what it was. But people still think of it as the same boat. Why is that?

Well the reason is that while all of the parts have been replaced, we still identify it as the same physical vessel which was put on this earth. In essence, our bodies are nothing more than earthly vessels which we “borrow” during our life. What we can do to better humanity lies in our mind, our ability to share our ideas and understand that we might not always be us, but we can always be part of humanity.

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