Breathing properly


Breathing, it is something that we and every other living thing needs to do in order to survive. You take in oxygen through your mouth and nose into your lungs, where it is then transported throughout your body before you exhale carbon dioxide. It is literally the first thing we do and the last thing we do. What could be so hard about it?

Well there is a difference between breathing to stay alive and breathing to help reduce your stress and live a healthier lifestyle. In essence, breathing can not only be used to stay alive, but can also enhance your life while you are living it. You’ve heard of breathing techniques during pregnancy, well there are breathing techniques for virtually any situation that can help.

Reduce stress

The most common breathing exercise is to take a deep breath through your mouth, hold it for a second or two, and slowly exhale through your nose. This is often used during meditation, and for some, has been used as a way to control stress and anger for their entire life. There is also breathing exercises that can be used to reduce stress overall, not just when stressed or angry, and can help your body make better use of the oxygen that it is given.

The important thing about breathing is understanding that it can dramatically enhance your life. Not just simply breathing, but doing research that shows you how to breathe the right way. In essence, it is just as much about the work you put into breathing as it is about breathing itself.

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