The deal with supplements


There is a long debate about the benefits of natural supplements. Many believe that they serve little to no purpose, while others believe that they are more beneficial than modern medicine. From my experience, and like most things, the actual answer lies somewhere in the middle. Some energy supplements such as B12 offer a nice boost to your mood and energy, while vitamin D supplements give you the valuable vitamins that you can get from the sun.

Basically, depending on which supplements you are taking, you may or may not notice a difference. One of the major drawbacks to supplements is that we want immediate benefits. If we feel bad, we want to feel better now. Unfortunately for many, supplements are slow acting and need to be taken regularly in order to notice any real changes in mood or physiology.

Sticking with it

Sleep aids as well as energy supplements do actually have benefits and I highly recommend taking them. My daily dose of supplements consists of a multivitamin, vitamin D supplement, B12 for energy, and tumeric, which is a mood stabilizer. Like I said before, however, the key to getting supplements to work for you is to stick with it. It was about a two week period of feeling the same and taking the supplements before I began to notice a difference.

There is no doubt that supplements do have their benefits, but if you expect them to give you the immediate results of modern medicine, you may be out of luck.

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