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What is the deal with tarot cards?


Any person that has sought the path of enlightenment and spiritual awareness has probably stumbled across the idea of tarot cards. Essentially, tarot cards are based on the idea that the deck of unique cards (usually 78 in total) can be used as a form of divination that is tailored to a specific individual. The idea is that the cards act as a vessel in which to outline the fate of the person, but also with the idea in mind that a person can change their fate.

The favorite form of divination among many mystics and psychics, tarot is a sort of “short answer” regarding a person’s destiny. Drawing the death card does not mean the person will die, but rather that tragedy may befall them or a loved one if the wheel of fate is not adjusted in any way.

Is tarot real?

Like any form of fortune telling, tarot is as real or as unreal as the amount of faith the person has in it. And although there are certain individuals that feel the rhythm of the world more deeply than others, the likely truth is that nobody can see the future through a crystal clear lens.

Imagine that we are all part of a spiritual energy on the planet and that we can directly affect how the world around us responds to that energy. Tarot is just one of many ways that we can use the tools we have been given to create a better world and forge deep spiritual relationships with the world around us.

Is it really all in the stars?


For some, the key to spiritual fulfillment lies in the astrological calendar. Understanding that not everything in our life is within our realm of control is not only a great way to cope with the rigors of life, but it gives us a higher sense of purpose. Many would argue that astrology is an antiquated art and that stars are in different positions than they were when astrology was invented, but this does not mean that the stars don’t have things to offer.

Consider for a minute the idea of Mercury being in retrograde. Without getting too technical, this is the time of a breakdown in communication, whether it be through technology or interpersonal relationships. Is it possible that the alignment of Mercury has something to do with this, possibly, but there is more to the picture.

Much more.

Understanding the stars

By harnessing the idea that there are things in this world greater than us, we are able to develop ways to better our own lives. Going back to Mercury retrograde, it is not important whether or not you believe that the stars are directly affecting your life personally, but rather using them as a way to better the world around you.

Taking care to communicate with people more thoroughly during this time, and throughout the rest of your life will lead to spiritual enrichment and a stronger bond with others. In some ways, the stars do affect how we live, and they can be used in a way that is both practical and spiritually satisfying.

The inspirational power of nature


One of the ways in which we explain the world around us is by observing patterns in nature. Have you ever wondered why landscapes are the most historically popular design for a piece of art? Or why music often features elements of nature and sounds found therein? The reason is because humans, even modern humans have an undeniable link with nature that is part of our evolutionary biology.

Think of the last time that you were in nature, and how that made you feel. You may have been on a camping trip, or found yourself on an unexpected hike. Either way, there is something to the feeling of being in nature that brings out the best in humanity.

The path to enlightenment

Eastern religions are almost always based on an individual that reached enlightenment through meditation, and nature is almost always part of that path. From the bodhi tree to finding ‘the path’, much of what we consider enlightenment is little more than a deep understanding of ourselves and nature.

And if viewed through a scientific lens, all of this makes sense. We as humans are an amalgam of our feelings and biology combined with how we view and interact with the world around us. Once you realize how connected we are to nature, it is easy to understand why we are so drawn to it and why it has helped many artists and spiritual practitioners reach an understanding of what it means to be a human and live in this painful, yet beautiful world.